Our services


Service done on our own premises include:


•  Breaking down pork halves for cutting

•  Boning parts of pork halves - leg, shoulder, joint, loin, neck (according to our customer requirements)

•  Breaking down beef for cutting

•  Boning beef parts – leg, shoulder, rib, neck, sirloin

•  Breaking down sows into parts and complete boning for production (according to our customer requirements)

•  Trimming of pork rump for production - ham, semi ham

•  Cutting chickens delivery


All other kinds of meats for production, according to our customer requirements.


Our service includes all carcass break down at any big business. We are able to meet all requirements of both - meat companies and small entrepreneurs, ie. we are able to get you a quote on an hourly rate but also a task rate.


We also offer stainless steel equipment for all food industries -  poles, sterilizers, trolleys (200 l), sinks, complete health stations, etc. (price list)


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