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We are highly skilled in all aspects of butchery, from the dividing of pork/beef, breaking down the beef/pork halves, boning beef parts, to trimming up beef rump.
Absolutely nothing is impossible; we take each and every order as a willing challenge to develop our company.


We guarantee you the highest quality and promptness with our modern technologies and we meet all the health & safety regulations required.


Our knowledgeable staff are not only experienced on our domestic market but also the markets abroad, they have experience from all over Europe having worked in England, Germany, Ireland and Austria. We have worked with both big companies and with small entrepreneurs. We achieve maximum satisfaction with our clients because we are 100% flexible, reliable, skilled and loyal.



What are the benefits:

•  No staff cost - social security, health insurance, sick leave, vacation or bonus.

•  No cost of work and protective equipment

•  Transparency of costs - you pay only for the actual work done.


To fully meet the requirements of our customers;  we aim to bring top quality butchers to the Czech Republic, along with reliable and efficient equipment from Fr. Dick (based in Germany), we also provide other complementary products which are important for every butcher, chef and cook. We want to satisfy all our clients in the meat industry and catering sectors so they benefit from an excellent service and great business opportunities. We believe that every customer will find a product range that will compliment their needs.

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